Det är dags för premiärmatch för Alviks Herrlag och det är även hemmamatch i Åkeshovshallen. Motståndet står Fryshuset och det är uppkast kl 17:00 nu på söndag den 17 september. Den här säsongen vill man följa!


It has been intense. I would rate the preseason from very good to excellent. We started early because we knew we were going to start from zero, new group, new coach, new rules, game philosophy, drills, etc…

The level of commitment of the boys has been excellent and allows us to grow from self-demand attitude.

The results have been very positive, but we know that they no longer count for anything, now everything is equal and we start from scratch. We feel that the start comes at a good time for us, in the last friendly game we were able to face different scenarios that we had not encountered to date. We overcame them with the strength of the group so we are ready to take another step in our process with the start of the competition.


I am very happy with the group we have, the boys are wonderful, infinite personalities that form a unique group. I think this is the key to our good dynamic, we have managed to bring together different personalities and put egos aside for the triumph of the TEAM. Now they are more dangerous than before because we play together which multiplies the threats for our opponents. Players like Marre and David make things easier for any coach, their leadership is a key piece for the development of the group and the younger players, the mix between experience and youth that we have is balanced in search of a common goal. Listening is key but also knowing how to express yourself and for the players to believe and take ownership of the message, hence the merit of having surrounded the team with a great group of professionals on the staff.


The first game of the season is always difficult, we need to come out focused and avoid the “typical” nerves at the beginning of the competition, flow in our game and set the pace at which we want to play. They are a good mix of players who have nothing to lose, I expect a cheeky and aggressive team so we must be solid from the beginning, we cannot allow any comfortable situation for Fryshuset. Åkeshov must be our fortress during the season.

Xavier Hernández
HC Alvik Herr

“Kul med premiär, alla i laget e taggade på att få komma igång på riktigt. Efter en bra försäsong där vi visade att vi kan spela med topplagen efter en vinst mot Norrort. Men med försäsongen gjord går vi in i matchen mot Fryshuset med nytt fokus, vi har inte vunnit något ännu så gäller att vi är med från start mot Frysen på söndag som kommer vara väldigt sugna på att slå oss. Hoppas vi ses i hallen!”
– Michael Axelsson Kaltak Lagkapten Alvik Herr


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